Thank A Good Wheel

Encourage Others to #BeAGoodWheel

Win Prizes!




Thank A Good Wheel

Encourage Others to #BeAGoodWheel

Win Prizes!

When riding with others, we all seek a good wheel: the person who holds a good line, shelters you from the wind, and guides you around obstacles.

A good wheel can get you through the toughest moments and can make possible the best ones.

We know who they are. Let’s take a moment to thank them. 


In the spirit of giving thanks, let’s give thanks for the Good Wheels in our lives and encourage more folks to #BeAGoodWheel for others. Starting next week, when you post a story about and tag someone who is a Good Wheel, you could win prizes—for you and for the Good Wheel you tag!

Here’s how:

  • Post about a time someone was a Good Wheel for you on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

  • Tag that person and use the hashtag #BeAGoodWheel. (Be sure to set the post to "public.”)

Selected #BeAGoodWheel posts will win prizes! Search the hashtag or follow @BeAGoodWheel on Instagram and Twitter or “like” the Be A Good Wheel page on Facebook to see updates announcing each giveaway.

The mission of this campaign is to recognize and thank the Good Wheels out there.

Goodness knows we could use more of them.


Banner image (top) by Paris Gore for Cannondale.

Thank a Good Wheel by gifting a custom Good Wheel Kit by Athlos Sports.



What better way to thank someone for being a Good Wheel than with a new kit? Send one of these beauties to someone who may not even realize how much you appreciate them. Every time they wear it, the kit will remind them that they are appreciated, plus it will remind and encourage others to #BeAGoodWheel too! The custom design represents a light in the dark emanating from the heart, through prism-like facets with high-visibility neon accents. Athlos will donate 15% of each sale to Network For Advancing Athletes, a 501(c)(3) charity that mentors and empowers women through sport. Click here to access the store!



Back in the early days, when we were both still students and had just met, my husband-to-be and I were riding our bicycles together on one of the classic climbing loops near campus. After taking a pull, I moved into his draft. We had only been on a handful of rides together, and I was still relatively new to the sport. He turned to me reassuringly and said: “You can trust my line. I'm a good wheel.” Then, joking but not joking, he added: “That's a metaphor for life.” We laughed, but he spoke the truth.

I've been lucky to have encountered many Good Wheels in my life—friends, teammates, competitors in the peloton, and even strangers on group rides—across a handful of continents over more than a decade as a professional cyclist. 

Being a Good Wheel extends far beyond the bike. Many of the incredible humans with whom I've had the honor to race have also been Good Wheels in friendship and life as much as in cycling. The Good Wheels in my life ground me and remind me of what's really, truly important. And some of them aren't even cyclists. 


More stories coming soon…


Subscribe to the hashtag feed for #beagoodwheel to read about Good Wheels and the positive impacts they’ve had on others.

Follow the @beagoodwheel account on Instagram and Twitter and like the #BeAGoodWheel page on Facebook to see the latest stories & giveaways!

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