Next week is Bike To Work Week (May 16th-20th), and Friday May 20th is Bike To Work Day. If you've never commuted by bike before, this is a great reason to give it a try! If you already commute by bike, motivate a friend to get started as well!

As you know, we here at Team Good Life love bicycles for a lot of reasons. Riding a bicycle to work is a great way to incorporate more activity and movement in your life -- you get to be outside, breathe the fresh air, and reduce both traffic congestion and pollution in your community. In many cases, riding a bicycle can actually get you to work faster than driving a car, especially during rush hour. If you're like me, riding also provides important time for contemplative, quiet thought. Getting into a routine of riding to and from work can help you improve your mental and physical well-being. 

There are tons of benefits to commuting by bike, and thanks to our awesome sponsors, we get to offer you even more incentive to ride! Next week we'll be giving away swag from sponsors like BikeTag, Cannondale, and more. (I know. They really are awesome, aren't they?)

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